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Free Movers

Coimbra Education School has extended the international agreements of mobility cooperation with Universities outside the scope of an exchange programme.

Students who wish to integrate this project, are designated as free-movers students, and to whom it is guaranteed, by the institution, reception and integration.

1- Requirements to be considered free-mover student:

  • Be a student of Higher Education;
  • Check the Portuguese language (B2 level, at least)


 Required documents to submit:

  • proof of enrollment in higher education in the country of origin;
  • (B2 level, at least) or, in absence of proof of proficiency in one of the following languages: English, French or Spanish (B2 level, at least);
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Letter of interest;
  • study plan that the free-mover student proposes to perform;


ApplicationsPlease contact the International Relations Office


The candidature of the student free-mover is presented within the deadlines to be defined annually, with the GRI (International Relations Office). The student’s selection is of the responsibility of the International Relations Office Coordinator and the Course Director to whom the student intends to attend.